Screen the Film

Thank you for your interest in hosting a screening of “To the Orcas with Love”.

We look forward to helping you plan a meaningful, memorable event!
Film screenings can educate and inspire your community, organization, school and friends. We make it easy to show the film and can provide promotional materials and film study guides that can help you get to the heart of some of the issues identified in the film.

By partnering with Natalie Lucier Productions and purchasing a license to screen this film in your community you are helping raise awareness of issues that impact orca whales, our oceans, our communities, and our planet. Join other clubs and community groups who are using “To the Orcas with Love” to engage your community in projects that make a difference in your own community.

First Steps Towards Hosting a Successful Screening

Identify a Host Venue: The site requires a BluRay player and/or internet connection and a video projection unit and a room to show it with comfortable seating for your projected audience size. A sound system and microphone for introducing the film may be required depending on your audience size. Plan on using the screening location for about two and a half hours including set up, introductions, screening the 56 minute long film, and allowing for discussion at the end. Your local library, school, or senior or community centre may be good venues.
Recruit Support: Identify a group of people who are willing to volunteer their time to plan, promote and help run the movie event.
Purchase a Screening License: By purchasing a screening partnership license for your event you support the work of the filmmaker and help pay for the costs of producing the film. These short-term screening licenses are for single presentation of the film on a specific date.  Tell us a bit about your organization and the screening you are planning using the form below.  We’ll confirm pricing for your screening and provide everything else you need for a successful screening of “To the Orcas, With Love”.

Tell us a bit about your event using the form below and we will contact you shortly.